Photograph by Tadhg Hayes

Photograph by Tadhg Hayes


I love bringing ideas to life - personal, pro bono and for other people.

Our recent move from London to Kerry has afforded me the time to explore and experiment, to put my energy into the seemingly random, yet somehow connected. This is a home for those projects.

In a previous life, I worked in entertainment and tech, building teams and businesses to deliver success for clients - Disney, Xbox and NBC Universal to name a few; graduated from University College Dublin with a BComm and MBS; studied at the École Supérieure de Commerce de Paris and Harvard Business School; and am a former TEDster.

German-Irish. Love SUP, sailing and open water swimming. Live with my wife and son by a magical lake we call home.

If you have a project you'd like help with or want to collaborate, feel free to get in touch.